KUDOS for Foster Parents

Do you know great foster parents?  Please feel free to post a shout out to them here!  Please maintain confidentiality of any children in foster care and their respective cases.

7 thoughts on “KUDOS for Foster Parents

  1. Jill Rippy says:

    Mark and Lisa Rosenberger, you were every bit the amazing foster/adoptive parents that I knew you would be that day we chatted over the fence. I am thrilled with the new addition to your family. Thank you for being such a great Mommy and Daddy.


  2. Jill Rippy says:

    Michelle and Jeremy Marks. OH MY WORD. There are just no words to express how amazing you are. God works through you for your children and I am in awe every time I hear more of the story of your lives.


  3. Tara Walsh says:

    George Jerkins, Sr., you taught me more as a professional and about what these kids need more than any book, class or training I have ever been to. I love that you can still laugh after all that you have seen. You are an example to every foster parent out there and the hundreds of children that have come through your home are all the proof I need. Thank you for everything that you and your family do every day.


  4. Marcie Moye says:

    Mike and Karen Feyhl in Wyoming. No matter they’re my family. I know a couple of their foster kids from HS before I even knew they were their fosters. Always had great things to say about their foster parents. What a surprise when I got older and found out! Amazing people!


  5. Heather French says:

    I have been amazed watching Rachel and Nick Vanoven embrace the roller coaster of foster parenting. They have not only blessed they boys in their care but are caring for the hearts and souls of their birth parents as well. It has been a joy watching them on their journey through her beautiful posts.


  6. Jodi Friesen says:

    Nicole Metzker in Winnipeg rocks my understanding of selfless love and endless grace. I love that even “number 20” is so much more than number in her eyes. Nicole, you are a friend and an inspiration.


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